Book Review: Little White Fish and the Beautiful Sea by Guido Van Genechten

Book Review: Little White Fish and the Beautiful Sea by Guido Van Genechten

The Little White Fish
Guido Van Genechten
Clavis Publishing

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What the Book is About

Little White Fish goes exploring in the sea. He is asked what he thinks is the most beautiful thing in the sea. His friends all share their favorites and eventually Little White Fish shares his.

First Impressions

Compared to the book White Little Fish, I really liked the change in color scheme in this book. The blues and purples are really eye-catching and beautiful. This book is also for a higher age level than White Little Fish.

What I Liked

I really liked the exploration of all of the different sea themed items like pearls and coral. My favorite thing was that he listened to and shared the joy with each of his friends about their favorite sea items.

What I Didn’t Like

I personally didn’t like the white little fish’s favorite thing. The object is more abstract for young children and also, I felt like it didn’t line up with the theme of the book very well.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the book is a good book. I think toddlers will really enjoy this book for its colors and illustrations and parents can use the book to teach their kids the names for different sea creatures and sea objects.


I was provided a copy of this book through the website Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Special thanks to Clavis Publishing and Guido Van Genechten for making this book available for review.

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