Book Review: Drawn to Sex by Erika Moen, Matthew Nolan

Book Review: Drawn to Sex by Erika Moen, Matthew Nolan

Drawn to Sex
Erika Moen, Matthew Nolan
Limerance Press

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What the Book is About

Drawn to Sex: The Basics is a comprehensive guide to sex including all the different types of sex that one could possibly engage in. The book includes information about birth control, barriers, and other safety techniques. This is a no-judgment, sex-positive, informative book.

First Impressions

The artwork is cute and the book showcases a lot of types of bodies and relationships.

What I Liked

I liked that there was such a large quantity of information presented and that it was given in such a sex positive way that included no judgment or shame. The book is intended to provide information in such a way that it’s comprehensive and allows the reader to get out of it what they want. There are sections on masturbation, vaginal penetration, oral sex, and anal sex. There is information about how to be safe during sex and how to explore new ideas that you might be interested in. Consent had its own section in this book, which was especially awesome!

The best part of this book, in my opinion, is the fact that even at the age of 31, there was still so much I didn’t know and was able to learn from. I really think this book is for anyone who wants to know more about sex.

Also, the graphics in the book are very LGBT friendly, as is the book overall, so I was extra surprised and impressed by it. There was even mention that some people don’t enjoy sex or want sex, referencing asexual people, which was extra cool! 

What I Didn’t Like

Some of the drawings that were more detailed made me uncomfortable. That is mostly because I was raised in an ultra conservative, Christian household, so I’m not used to the explicitness that this provided. Keep that in mind if that’s your background, too.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this book for older teens, young adults, and adults of all ages. I think there is a lot to be learned from this book. I would recommend the book for anyone learning about sex, however, I felt some of the themes might be to in-depth for younger teens or pre-teens. 


I was provided a copy of this book through the website Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Special thanks to Limerance Press for making this book available for review.

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