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Quick Book Review: DK Life Stories: Katherine Johnson by Ebony Joy Wilkins

Quick Book Review: DK Life Stories: Katherine Johnson by Ebony Joy Wilkins

DK Life Stories: Katherine JohnsonEbony Joy WilkinsDK01/08/2019Click on the image above to purchase on Amazon!*As an Amazon Associate, I earn proceeds from every purchase made through the link above.

I remembered hearing about Katherine Johnson in recent history when Hidden Figures trailers came out. I never did end up seeing the movie (but I intend to!) and had forgotten about why I was so interested in it. After reading this book I was reminded of who Katherine Johnson is and was so amazed by her tenacity and hard work. She kept fighting for the ability to work in a STEM field despite the many obstacles in her way due to being both a woman and an African-American. She never gave up on her dreams and went on to be one of the most important people in NASA. She checked computer mathematics for errors and was known as a human computer. I’m absolutely fascinated by her. I highly recommend this book!

Thank you to Ebony Joy Wilkins and DK for making DK life stories: Katherine Johnson available to me.

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